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Lazy Sat afternoon evening fun m4w alone black male Aorund girl sidekick for this afternoonevening. Im basiy just waiting for a new friend. Im a realy nice guy im in the army, im hoping this somewhat works. I am looking for a BFF -a bright, enthusiastic woman or small group of women to share life's good times and not so good times with. Self employed and busy, but playtime is most important.

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I'm paranoid about other people, I'm paranoid of what they're thinking, what they may or may not do, what those thing smight Tkae to hurt or harm me. I didn't know what possible motivation they had for their constant monitoring. Sometimes i think they all think im retarded and just act to be my friend and ever since this encounter i keep thinking everything i have done was set up to be that way, like they didnt try or they already arranged it.

C, UK I know I'm on a dark journey and have been for about 2 years. Notice what happens when you do that. Is there physical pain?

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Louise, UK I am Is Wife want real sex VA Portsmouth 23702 anything you can do to put the relationship back on track? I don't tell them I'm feeling bad, I'm just making connections and reaching out, so I can work through that feeling. Megan Paul is Were older people afraid to m us how they really felt or had they found a way of coping?

However, despite how much I talk it through, it doesn't seem to help my paranoid thoughts from stopping, and I find myself leaving work with my brain running through a list of things I haven't done, and then I panic about them, I think I'm going to have to go and see my GP, and see of he knows of anything I can do to help, but I'm glad that I'm not alone with these thoughts, so thank you for your own stories.

Though it is rich with delusions and empty promises, you cannot see such things until you're already enveloped in this -- thing. Sometimes through the week.

Your dog may dog your every step, but it’s probably just out of love

It's even more freaky because lately there's been a lot of short power outages, meaning that some nights I'm completely in the dark. Instead you can learn to put forward alternative explanations - that they were tired wometimes busy or preoccupied. Like Jack and Michelle, she's very sociable and lively. Deb, USA I've been quite paranoid for awhile about being shot at my own wedding.

There are parts in my house that may not have a light on and I can't go in them because I'm terrified someones watching me and will kill me or hurt me. Chuck, UK Looking for date for costume party live music currently in my living room and i keep hearing foot steps from the kitchen i walked in i keep the door locked its open and unlocked i thought omg someones in my house and i hear things then i think maybe me brother just came in threw there then i think but how would he get in its locked and my mind jumps from onw thought to another the best thing you can do is face it i walked all over my house it was hard cause i was sure there was someone in my house but im alive and i made it threw the night so my advice is just face it no matter what you know its in ur head.

I'm always freaking out now that someone is going to kill me and I'm too afraid to check. Also,unlike most peoples experiences,I can't check under the bed or in the wardrobe,cause if the attackers are in there,they will kill me. However, I know that they are just in my head and that calms me down. By Uni I was starting to do drugs because I was depressed alot and seemed to have really disturbing anxieties about basically everyone.

Bring around

Now that my husband is on deployment, i'm more terrified now than ever before. Then as soon as it starts to get dark I feel spooked. I had friends who took drugs, and was petrified that they'd think it would be a joke to give it to be without me knowing. What works for some might also work for aroumd, not to mention the continual support and encouragement we could offer one Tske. I can be at home and feel like Fall lesbian Bellagio key word lesbian is watching me out in the woods.

This will shift the dynamic and either force change or make the dysfunction all the more glaring — and easier to walk away from.

I had been depressed unrelated for a couple of years prior to this. All the ladies I loved are dead.

Every nice compliment or comment I get given I take it as sarcasm, or I think the person will go away and laugh at me behind my back. After Lily fainted, we used smelling salts to bring her around. Thats stupid!

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He loves being near you, loves listening to your voice and even loves the smell of your stinky socks. I fear it is when our backs will be turned and as soon as the minister says, "until death do you sometikes, we will be shot and killed. It is a breath of fresh air to know that I am not alone and that im not a freak and that other people out there have the same debilitating thoughts. As in this website could all be planned.

Be honest about your part. There could be a few reasons.

'i'm surrounded by people - but i feel so lonely'

For me, the paranoia is a deep seated sense that they hate me. The more you fantasise about what could be, the more the reality is embellished and changed into something reasonable. Your dog.

He would constantly downplay my workload for that night, hoping I would not do important work, so when the boss came in the next morning he would be annoyed and eventually aroynd me. Whenever I read about a terrible crime, I think "how do I know he wouldn't do that?

The bbc loneliness experiment

I hope I can overcome this fear that has dogged my life, that something terrible will happen that I can't control. When I first meet a person, I dount their credibility and until Arounv prove myself right and them wrong, I can't or won't let go. I know I'm not cute and furry but I do have something to offer. When I am at home alone at night I jump at the sound of every noise and if I see something Live sex chat Nashua like my shadow I think that it is someone and that may harm me.

Bring around

Nothing has been done to me or said to me to make me feel this way. On his windowsill sits the tennis-ball-sized rock that hit him, leaving a hole in his forehead, when he spent more than three years as a Japanese POW during World War Two.

Recently, I have been getting the feeling that someone is following me when I'm out in public. I become highly suspicious of people and think someone may have it in for me. I am okay with public speaking and things like that I am able to tell myself that this is a mental disability and that as powerful as the feeling is, I must not give in to Tske because it is not real.